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M/s. Bajwa Group of companies having vast Textile back group and knowledge of Export business.

In Pakistan having honorable history of 30 years. Bajwa Group is not only manufacturers of Guar Gum, but also running successfully the following cotton based industries for the last three decades:

Bajwa Group of Industries consists of 6 Industrial Units engaged in manufacturing of different agriculture based products as mentioned below; all the above industries are playing an important role in strengthening the economy of our country. Bajwa Spinning Mills Private Limited. ( Cotton Yarn )

Bajwa Cotton Ginning Factory and Oil Mills, Nawabshah. (Raw Cotton )
National Cotton Ginning Factory & Oil Mill, Sakrand. (Raw Cotton & Oil Mill)
Bajwa International (Pvt), Ltd,Karachi (General Trading, Import &

Bawja Model Cotton Ginning & Pressing Factory, Muzafargar. (Cotton)
Natural Polymer Industrial (Pvt) Limited ( Guar Gum Manufacturing )


Bajwa Spinning Mills (Pvt) Limited, Hyderabad, Sindh
Manufacturers of "SUPER BAJWA", "SUPER SUN FLOWER" & "SHAHBAZ" Brands

Cotton Yarn, having 29,104 Spindles. It was re-started in the end of 2000 with expansion, development and modernization, Most of the production is for Export Based on A-Grade Quality Raw Cotton Ginned though our own Factories, whose Production is approx. 1.3 - 1.4 Million of Bales Per Season/Corp.

The firm has installed four ( 4 ) New Gas Gensets.
Model G-3516 SITA 1005 EKW/1256 KVA. Cater Pillar
Model G-3516-B 1110 EKW/1387 KVA. Cater Pillar
Model VHP5904L TD rated at 900 KVA Waukesha
Model VHP5904L TD rated at 900 KVA Cater Pillar

Natural Polymer Industries (Pvt) Ltd.,Nooriabad, District Dadu, Sindh


The company owners have had experience with Guar seed as dealing in seed business and supplying to local markets.

Location of Plant is main growing areas of Guar Seeds are Sindh & Punjab therefore regular supplies are available for producing Guar Gum

Our Guar Gum fine mesh powder superior natural quality suitably fit for human consumption.

Guar Gum is Water-soluble, Gums are polysacharidic

NPI is competent enough to produce Guar Gum products with any specific requirements of viscosity, mesh and color.

Microbiological properties of NPI brand food grade Guar Gum is complying within the parameters of the US Food Chemical Codex.

NPI is marketing its Guar Gum under brand name PAKGUAR

What is PAKGUAR?

Guar is derived from the annual leguminous plant, Cyamposis tetragonolobus, which grows in Pakistan and western India. Guar Gum is the natural polysaccharide obtained by isolation and purification of the endosperm of the seed. PAKGUAR is a brand name under which NPI produces and markets its Guar Gum. At NPI, guar gum is produced under sanitary conditions using state of the art processing techniques for producing food grade product. PAKGUAR is therefore, pure and clean, and ideally suited for the food industry

Characteristics of PAKGUAR

1. PAKGUAR provide a very high viscosity and is the most economical natural gum for thickening and stabilizing foods

2. Unique sterilizing equipment is installed in our production line to prevent bacterial contamination, and PAKGUAR is clean from bacteriological standpoint.

3. PAKGUAR is highly purified and its quality is very consistent.

4. Compatibility: PAKGUAR is compatible in solution with other polysaccharides, but is incompatible with almost all organic solvents.