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Applications of PAKGUAR

PAKGUAR is used in various foods and industrial applications as a stabilizer, thickener, emulsifier, binder, flocculent and water holding agent etc. Prior to use of PAKGUAR, it is recommended that relevant laws and regulations pertaining to the usage of guar gum in food products be consulted.

A. Food Application
(i)Ice Cream and Sherbet etc

Mix PAKGUAR with sugar and add the blend to the other ingredients used to prepare ice cream or sherbet mix. The recommended use level of PAKGUAR is 0.1 – 0.2% based on the ice cream mix and 0.1 – 0.3% on the sherbat mix

Effects produced by guar:
- Improvement in body and texture by increasing viscosity
- Prevention of ice crystallization by binding free water
- Improvement in overrun
- Resistance to melt down
- Since PAKGUAR is stable over a wide PH range, it can be used with organic acids such as malic acid
- PAKGUAR may be used as a basic component in blends along with various other natural gums

(ii) Breads, cookies, and other baked goods

The recommended use level of PAKGUAR is less than 1% of the weight of flour

Effects produced by guar:
- Improvement in dough quality including easier removal from molds
- Prevention of crumbling
- Improvement in product appearance e.g. better luster and sheen

(iii) Ham and Sausages

The recommended use level of PAKGUAR is 1 to 5 % of the weight of starch (about 0.3% by weight of the product)

Effects produced by guar:
- Improvement in product texture and strength through binding and stabilization
- Improvement in stuffing or extrusion by providing increased lubricity to the meat mix
- Prevention of moisture release and shrinkage

(iv) Cheese

The recommended use level of PAKGUAR is 0.2-0.3% based on the milk

Effects produced by guar:
- Reduction of separation time of casein and increased product yield
- Improvement in texture

(v) Canned or retorted foods containing fish and meat

The recommended use level is about 0.5% based on the gravy

Effects produced by guar:
- Stabilization of gravy at high temperature
- Prevention of crumbling of solid ingredients

(vi) Mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces and dressings

The recommended use level is 0.1-0.5%

Effects produced by guar:
- Thickening of the product and stabilization of ingredients

(vii) Other foods
In addition to the above products, PAKGUAR can also be used in drinks, bakery icings, jams, butter, chocolate, instant noodles, pickles, etc.

B. Industrial applications

(i) Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
PAKGUAR is used:
- As thickener and stabilizer for various cosmetics and pharmaceuticals tablets
- As a binder or disintegrating agent for compressed pharmaceutical tablets

(ii) Paper Industry
PAKGUAR produces the following effects:
- Sheet formation with a more regular distribution of pulp fibers
- Increase of bursting, folding and tensile strength
- Decrease of pulp hydration time

(iii) Textile Industry

PAKGUAR is used:
- As a thickener for printing pastes, which are usually prepared as stock pastes at a concentration of about 3%

(iv) Mining Industry

PAKGUAR is used: as a floating or settling agent and floating agent, for stabilizer and in the generation of back water, it work as a water treating agent in the concentration of ores

(v) Petroleum Industry / Oil Drilling

PAKGUAR is widely used in Oil well Drilling due to its multi-function such as water-loss control, viscosity control, friction reduction, lubrication and cooling of drill bits. It also works as a thickening Agent in blasting slurry and for explosive mixture. its a drilling fluid & hydraulics fractioning Agent.